Disposable Helium Balloon Gas Tank Cannister – for home balloon inflation – 2 sizes


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Disposable Helium Balloon Gas Tank.

Our disposable Helium Balloon Gas cylinder makes it easy for you to inflate your balloons at your venue.

This lightweight tank is:
  • Easy to use, just open the valve/tap on the top of the canister and press the rubber nozzle to release the gas. 
  • Includes full instruction.
  • Suitable for inflating both latex and foil balloons. 
There are two sized tanks available depending on how many balloons you need to blow up and the size of the balloons:
Small – fills approx 30 x 9″ latex balloons or 16 x 11″ latex balloons or 16 x 18″ foil balloons
Large – fills approx 50 x 9″ latex balloons or 27 x 11″ latex balloons or 27 x 18″ foil balloons
Please follow the instructions carefully to obtain the above results.
For best results try to inflate your balloons 1-2 hours before the event as latex balloons normally only last 5-7 hours once inflated.
Always remember to turn the valve/tap off when you have finished otherwise the balloon gas will escape over time.

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